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The Amazing Mango Peeling Technique - Peel A Mango With A Cup In 15 Seconds!

I am subscribe to The Kitchn and they frequently publish not only recipes, but also useful tips for the kitchen. This morning, I recieved an email with an article titled “Can You Really Peel a Mango with a Drinking Glass?”. I had to visit the webpage to see what the heck they were talking about. After seeing “You’ve Been Peeling Mangos The Wrong Way Your Whole Life” on Buzz Feed, they put the technique to the test in their test kitchen, and proved that this method was both successful and useful for a quick mango peeling.

Naturally, after seeing this mind blowing method, I HAD to test it out. In fact, it took less than 24 hours for me to do so. I grabbed a glass with a wide mouth, a mango and my camera, and got to it. I apologize for the not so ‘classy’ glass! It was the only one that was of the right shape for my mango peeling (that was clean, anyways). These glasses were actually a gift for my dad, Miguel, from Man Crates. My dad is a beer fiend and getting him custom barware for his IPAs was a must!

Moving on.

I tried out this mango peeling method, and it was a success! I documented the process, step by step, so that I could share with you all just how it went down in my home, and give you more information so you can decide whether or not you should do it. (but really, you should)

Here’s what you will need:

  • Mango(es)
  • Small knife
  • Glass cup of size relative to the mango (Alternatively, you can use a sturdy plastic cup)
  • A surface to cut the mango on, such as a cutting board
  • Napkin(s) to wipe down juice, if necessary

How to peel a mango with a glass cup:

Step 1: Gather what you’ll need. It’s important to consider the size of the mango and the size of the glass. You want the mango to be smaller than the glass, or else the juices will splatter and it will get messy.

The Amazing Mango Peeling Technique - Peel A Mango With A Cup In 15 Seconds!

Step 2: Slice the mangoes in from top to bottom, along the pit. This will yield 3 pieces, 2 mango ‘cheeks’ and 1 pit.

The Amazing Mango Peeling Technique - Peel A Mango With A Cup In 15 Seconds!

Step 3: Hold the mango against the glass cup, cut side in.

The Amazing Mango Peeling Technique - Peel A Mango With A Cup In 15 Seconds!

Step 4: Gently tuck the glass into the mango and under the flesh (between the flash and the skin) so that you form a small “lip” on the mango flesh.

The Amazing Mango Peeling Technique - Peels in 15 seconds!

Step 5: Applying a small amount of pressure, push the mango cheek down the side of the glass so that the peel and fruit separate. You should end up with the fruit inside the glass, and the peel outside.

The Amazing Mango Peeling Technique - Peel A Mango With A Cup In 15 Seconds!

Step 6: Dig in! You may or may not need to wipe down any excess juice that may have leaked out, and make sure to properly discard of the skin (in your compost, of course).

The Verdict?

Not only is it the easiest way to peel a mango, but it is also the fastest! I really thought that I would get mango juice everywhere but that was not the case at all. I feel like it was actually messier to initially cut the mango than in actually using the glass to peel it.

But just at The Kitchn put it, this method isn’t the most efficient. Depending on how ripe your mango is, some fruit may be left on the peel. I mean, you can discard it, but I used a spoon to scrape it off and eat it because I love me my mangoes. BUT I will definitely be using this method more in the future.

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