Sweet Simple Vegan’s Los Angeles Birthday Bananza Fruitluck!

August 11, 2015


By: Jasmine Briones 

You are all invited to join me for my birthday celebration! All of the information is below, and can also be found on the Fruitluck webpage. I hope to see you there!


You are all invited to our BIRTHDAY FRUITLUCK! 

There is nothing we want more than to be surrounded by positive like-minded people, ripe fruit, and big hugs from you all on this special day!

To ensure you have an excellent experience, please read everything below: 

WHAT TO BRING: Whole, fresh, ripe, raw, preferably organic fruits and/or vegetables to share.

Also bring: 

• Good vibes & smiles 

• Water

• Picnic blanket and/or chairs

• Family & friends of all ages & diets 

• Games & musical instruments 

• Knives & cutting board if needed

• Plate/bowl, utensils, cup, napkin/towel, sunglasses & hat

We plan to have an orange juice station (Lauren has an OJ press!), greens, a spiralizer for zucchini, and also a Coco Jack set up! We will bring some coconuts but to ensure that you get one I would bring one along with you to the event! The Coco Jack is only able to open young thai coconuts so make sure you get your hands on the right one 🙂 

Come & go anytime.

PARKING INFO: Parking lot entrances at 2999 Rosanna St. and 2944 Gleneden St. Park is also accessed from L.A. River Bikeway and 2960 Marsh St.S

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  1. Natalie says:

    Aww how fun! Happy early birthday! I’ll be sending my good vibes from Ohio! 🙂

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