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What to do with your leftover orange (or any fruit) pulp?

Usually, my mom and I compost all of our pulp and scraps from our fresh fruits and vegetables. Our garden loves our compost, and I really don’t think it would have flourished through this year without it. But, sometimes we have pulp leftover when we have already added compost to our soil, or at times when neither of us have time to bring it out to the garden. So, at moments like this, instead of throwing away the pulp, we started thinking of new ways to utilize it.

Last weekend, after I had made fresh orange juice for the Come y Bebe I had made for the Ecuador win, I took the pulp and froze it into cube with my ice cube tray. I left some pulp alone and to some I added herbs like mint and parsley. Once frozen, I used the cubes to infuse water (as pictured above), and I will plant to use some in my smoothies!

Juice-Pulp-Granola60You can even make granola! I made a Leftover Juice Pulp Granola, it is great for Banana Ice Cream and Oatmeal!

Other great ideas are to bake it into bread, cookies, add it into pasta sauces or salad dressings and to even make raw flax crackers or fruit treats with them! There are tons of ideas and recipes on the web, especially in places like Pinterest, so I suggest the next time you have pulp on hand you try and use it up as either compost or in a recipe instead of throwing it out!

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