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For my birthday this year, I gathered with my family and friends at a fruitluck (fruit potluck). Here are some photographs of the artwork my family created out of fruit, hopefully inspiring you all to do the same at your next gathering. Last year, we also had a healthy vegan celebration, but in a more intimate setting with cooked food options, you can check it out here.

FRUITLUCK76Pineapple Coconut Palm Tree + Fruit Monkeys

FRUITLUCK81Melon Bowls + Fresh Fruit

FRUITLUCK82Dolphin Bananas w/ Blueberry Toys

We simply cut into a banana, stuck a blueberry in as a ball, and drew eyes on with a marker!

FRUITLUCK98Orange-lined Vases

These make for the perfect decoration! We topped them with half of a cantaloupe (fruit removed), then poked kale and fruit skewers into that. You could also use a foam top if that works better for you.

FRUITLUCK95Fresh Fruit in Baskets

FRUITLUCK09Fruit Mandala

An easy way to serve fruit and have beautiful decor all at once. Pick different shapes and sizes of fruits and vegetables, just making sure that it is symmetric throughout. We chose oranges, kiwi, guava, blueberries, and raspberries for ours!

FRUITLUCK91Pineapple Boats

Half the pineapple vertically, starting the cut from the bottom then up through the stem, being very careful! Cut the outside edges of the pineapple, then scoop out the middle. You may also cut it like a mango (criss cross) and scoop out square pieces if desired. Fill with fruit of your choice!


It really took a while for my friends and family to, you could say “warm up” to not only my vegan diet, but lifestyle, in general. Everyone automatically assumed it was a “phase” or “health craze” that I was sucked into, and my passion took a while to grow, shine, and make an impact on them as it has done today. It discouraged me, and caused me to fear judgement and honestly, disapproval, from those that I loved. In reality, I was overthinking the situation and being harsh on myself, judging myself, and assuming the worst in the situation. They were reacting as anyone would have in an unfamiliar situation, and I now recognize that if I were where they were, I probably would have done the same. My friends and family were always open to trying new things, and stepping into my lifestyle, especially after they had seen it was something I had grown to be so passionate about. I am sharing this because I know that there may be others in my shoes, living with similar discomforts, and not knowing how to handle the situation. I say just do you, and if your friends and family truly love you, they will support you no matter what just as you would support them. Getting involved in a vegan community or friend’s circle is also a big help, with things like potlucks, facebook events/meetups, and, they truly helped me flourish!

Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of this beautiful celebration, and to my mother and aunt who generously put together all of the decor. You all were truly what made this day so special, and I am glad I was able to share a part of my life and light with you! <3


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