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I am the creator, author, and photographer behind SweetSimpleVegan.com, a vegan recipes & lifestyle blog that aimed to help promote the beauty of a plant-based diet, encouraging people to ‘Love Themselves, and Choose Health’ by way of simple recipes and educational information.

I began Sweet Simple Vegan as a sentiment to myself to not only promote, but also maintain, health. As a young adult, I unfortunately had struggled with anorexia nervosa and eventually bullimic disorder, and I had lost sight of myself. I did not understand what healthy meant, as I had percieved it to just be “skinny”. My battle came to a close when I finally was able to connect with myself, mind and body, and express self-love. I believe that I was able to do this once I discovered a plant-based diet. For once, I felt nourished, comfortable, and happy. I began to finally live the life that I was meant to live, and love every second of it. Sweet Simple Vegan began as a regular Instagram account that I would use to document my own recipes, and share with my family and friends as they always seemed to be curious about plant-based living.

Well, what I did not know is that it would grow to be so much more than that. SweetSimpleVegan.com has now grown to be a well-recieved vegan health and lifestyle blog that is constantly expanding, reaching almost 50,000 readers per month at the moment, and it’s becoming very hard to keep up!

What I wish to gain from your donation is the support I need to sustain, and grow, my blog. I am currently unemployed and a full-time Nutritional Science student, trying to make my way through my day to day life, and now take on the task of a full time blogger, all by myself! I need funding in order to simply keep my blog stable, and closer towards my dream of making my blog my full-time career and home business once I am a Registered Dietician.

Anything you can offer will help, and will be very much so appreciated! Thank you so much for considering supporting my blog.


If you would like something in return, I understand. I have tshirts and tote bags in my shop if you would like to check those out!