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Go Salt-Free With This Healthy & Green Raw Vegan Salt Substitute

Being vegan, we all get those questions that, at a certain point, we dread answering. Don’t know what I’m talking about? You do, trust me. Let me refresh your memory….

  • Where do you get your protein?
  • But how do you give up cheese? It is just so good.
  • Doesn’t this meat smell so good to you?
  • How come you don’t eat fish? They aren’t technically animals…
  • How do you get full off of just that?
  • Do you get enough nutrients?
  • Don’t you feel tired all day?

But the one thing that I have been hearing a lot of lately is “how the heck did you manage to cut salt out of your diet”?

My answer to that? CELERY! Yes, Celery! I grew up hating celery. I know hate is a very strong word, but I just could not stand it. It was stringy, hard to chew and swallow, and of a flavor that I felt could not be tamed. But I have realized why that is, it’s because celery itself is SALTY. I disliked it alone just as I had disliked salty french fries or saltine crackers.

As I have adapted my taste buds in taking on a high raw diet, in some way or another, I have grown to love celery. I can eat it with spreads/dips, almond or peanut butter, in soups, salads, or just plain as is. It is what I needed when first transitioning into a high raw, raw till 4 diet to satisfy my salt cravings, which I no longer have!

Go Salt-Free With This Healthy & Green Raw Vegan Salt Substitute

Celery is a good source of vitamin A, choline, vitamin C, niacin, pantothenic acid, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus. Celery also contains Omega-6 fatty acids. So not only will you be adding a punch of that salty flavor your love so much to your food, but also a large variety of beneficial nutrients!

This is a simple and mess free DIY that I know you all will enjoy,  so let’s get to it!

I must share that I did use a dehydrator and that I have not tried this method with my oven. But, however, I know that you can ‘dehydrate’ uding your oven. You just have to set it to its lowest temperature, and leave it a bit open. A good way to do this is to stick a wooden spoon in between the door so it will not close all the way.

How To Dehydrate Celery For Your Salt Substitute:

Step 1: Wash and slice the celery. You will need to cut it into 1/8″ thick slices. You can use a mandolin to make sure everything is uniform, but don’t sweat it, I didn’t. I am not precise with it and this always turns out just fine.

Go Salt-Free With This Healthy & Green Raw Vegan Salt Substitute

Step 2: Place the celery in your dehydrator, making sure that they are not touching, (or on a lined baking sheet if using the oven) and dry at 115 F for 8-10 hours. Be sure to rotate the sheets at least once for even drying.

Go Salt-Free With This Healthy & Green Raw Vegan Salt SubstituteGo Salt-Free With This Healthy & Green Raw Vegan Salt SubstituteStep 3: Place the dried celery into a spice grinder, a mini food processor or even a magic bullet (what I used). Process until it is as fine as you can get it. DO NOT open what you are grinding it in right away, or else all of the powder will poof out and get into your eyes. I say wait 1 minute before you open it.

Step 4: Transfer into a dry airtight container, such as a small mason jar or an old (washed and dried) spice container. Store away from moisture, heat and light.

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  1. I don’t have a dehydrator, is there any other way I could do this? Does it work if I just put the celery in the oven?

    1. Hi Camila,

      In order to dehydrate in a regular oven, set the oven to the lowest temperature it can go to, place what you are dehydrating inside, and instead of closing it all the way, place a wooden spoon in between the opening. This allows for moisture to escape as a dehydrator would. I have not yet tried this method, but I have made other recipes chips in this manner with success.

  2. Hi! I’ve been watching my sodium for the past year. At some point, about three months ago, I completely refused eating anything with sodium. But then my doctor told me that we need at least 500 mg of sodium to survive a day, since sodium is vital for our functioning. Do you meet this requirement? Or is your diet completely sodium free?

    1. I am not sodium free and I agree with that statement. I avoid excess sodium from processed foods, but I still consume small amounts with the dishes I make at home + from whole food sources