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overhead photo of reusable containers and wraps

In the spirit of Earth Day and Earth Month, we have been inspired to make changes in our lives to reduce our impact and our waste. As humans coexisting on this planet, we need to understand the impact we have and to try and make a long-lasting difference for the sake of the Earth. We […]

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25 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste | Sustainable Zero Waste Hacks

Apr 22, 2019

18 vegan recipes to help you use up leftover rice and waste less! #veggie #burger #vegan #easy #veganprotein #plantprotein #vegansummer #summerrecipe #party #vegankids #sweetsimplevegan #lunch #dinner #entree

As you may have already seen from our last two blog posts, Chris and I are starting a “Leftover Series” here on our blog and on our Youtube channel which will essentially be us showing you how to use up common leftovers. We hope that this series will not only help reduce food waste but […]

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18 Vegan Recipes to Use Up Leftover Rice

Sep 7, 2018

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