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Standing in front of the open fridge with vegetables. Sweet Simple vegan fridge

In the spirit of Earth Month, Chris and I decided that we would challenge ourselves to make changes in our lives to waste less. One thing that we were especially seeking to improve was our food waste. We started doing research on how we could most efficiently incorporate changes into our lifestyle and we realized […]

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The Best Tips for Storing Produce and Wasting Less

Apr 10, 2019

Standing in front of an open fridge, vegan fridge tour

Curious to know how a vegan keeps their fridge stocked? Take tour of our all vegan fridge to find out! We share staples, specialty items + tips for storage.

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Our Vegan Fridge Tour

Mar 26, 2019

Our newly designed room tour and tips on how to design your room!

We’ve been hard at work designing our room since the beginning of the summer, and it has finally come to life! We are excited to share with you our first ever “room tour” on our blog. This is the first space that we have had together, so we wanted to make it extra special. We wanted […]

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Our Bedroom Tour + Tips for Designing Your Space

Oct 18, 2018

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