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A close up shot of vegan mushroom walnut taco meat in a cast iron skillet by sweet simple vegan

This Walnut Taco Meat is the easiest, quickest vegan taco meat! This flavor-packed walnut and mushroom meat cooks up in just 15 minutes with simple ingredients that you likely already have on hand. Plus, it makes a great make ahead meal or freezer meal!

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Walnut Taco Meat (Quick & Easy)

Jan 1, 2023

vegan tofu tacos on a white plate with onions and cilantro

Perfect vegan taco meat made from tofu! This delicious gluten-free recipe is easy to make, full of flavor, and is ready in less than an hour. Plus, it only requires one bowl, one sheet pan, and no pressing of the tofu is required! In our house, we LOVE tacos. When we were living in Los […]

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Sheet Pan Tofu Taco Meat (Gluten-Free)

Aug 11, 2021

overhead image of crispy fiesta potatoes in baking dish with spoon

Make your own crispy fiesta potatoes at home! This simple, gluten-free recipe only requires 10 simple ingredients and is ready in under an hour. It was a sad day when Taco Bell announced that they were discontinuing their fiesta potatoes. For vegans and vegetarians, those potatoes were a fast food staple with universal appeal. Thankfully, […]

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Crispy Fiesta Potatoes (Taco Bell Copycat)

Dec 12, 2020

creamy vegan taco pasta in a beige pan with cilantro on top by sweet simple vegan

Creamy One-Pot Taco Pasta (30-Minutes)

Did someone say Creamy One-Pot Taco Pasta? Learn how to make this simple and hearty dish using just one-pot and 30 minutes of your time. Recently, Jasmine and I went head to head on a cooking challenge where we had to prepare a 30-minute, one-pot recipe, adhering to the following additional rules: 1 pantry item […]

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May 18, 2020

close up of a plate of mushroom potato taquitos with vegan sour cream, pico de gallo, avocado and lime

Baked Mushroom & Potato Taquitos

These crispy baked taquitos are filled with a mixture of homemade mushroom walnut taco meat, mashed potatoes and vegan cream cheese. They are easy to make, packed with flavor, and perfect for your next party! Plus, they are vegan and gluten-free! With the Big Game right around the corner, I wanted to share a healthier […]

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Jan 29, 2020

A close up of a bowl of taco pasta with a lime and tortilla strips

One Pot Taco Pasta (7-Ingredients)

Get ready for an easy one-pot weeknight dinner that requires just 7-ingredients and less than $5 to make! This taco pasta is the perfect meal for when you don’t have time to cook or don’t know what to make. It’s simple, satisfying, and won’t break the bank! Chris and I challenged ourselves this week to […]

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Feb 21, 2019

A homemade version of the Taco Bell signature crunch wrap made vegan.

The Best Vegan Crunch Wrap Supreme (Easy)

Raise your hand if you’ve had a crunch wrap from Taco Bell before! I am sure most, if not all, of you have had or at least have heard of a crunch wrap before, right? We thought it would be fun to make our own vegan version of the Taco Bell classic. Since it’s a […]

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Aug 13, 2018

No need for store-bought microwave popcorn again! This quick, cheap and easy snack is perfect for summer parties or movie nights at home. The fiesta seasoning gives it a unique kick that everyone will love. #party #summer #snack #kids #homemade #quick #cheap #easy #lazy #vegan #cheese #fiesta #taco #mexican #lastminute #summerparty #kids #sweetsimplevegan

Easy Stovetop Popcorn with Fiesta Seasoning

No need for store-bought microwave popcorn again! This quick, cheap and easy snack is great for summer parties or movie nights at home. The fiesta seasoning gives it a unique kick that everyone will love.Today we are sharing with you how to make the perfect stovetop popcorn along with a unique flavor-packed seasoning mixture to […]

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Aug 3, 2018

4 No Cook Lunch Ideas | Easy & Healthy Recipes

4 No Cook Vegan Lunch Recipes | Easy & Healthy

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend 🙂 After traveling for the last week, I honestly couldn’t have been more excited to get back into the kitchen creating recipes for you! I was in Miami on set with Omstars >> we partnered up to create a brand new wellness video series, “10 Steps to A Sweet Simple Vegan […]

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Aug 15, 2017

The BEST Vegan Taco Pizza w/ Fajita Veggies — Viral Taco Pizza GOES VEGAN!

By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen the viral taco pizza video floating across the internet from Tony Boloney’s in Hoboken, NJ. While we understand the hype, we just had to take it to the next level and create its vegan counterpart. Not only is our version 100% vegan, but it’s also oil-free and suuuuuper tasty. […]

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Apr 24, 2017

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