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After going vegan 3 years ago, not only have I now grown aware of the foods I am putting into my body, but my awareness has evolved to see that I also must be concerned with what I put onto my body as well. When I first went vegan, or “vegan” if I should put it, I was only […]

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DIY 3 Ingredient Spirulina Bentonite Clay Mask

Apr 17, 2015

Instead of tossing your papaya seeds after eating the fruit, make use of them! A lot of people don’t know that you can actually use the Papaya Seeds. There are tons of recipes online, which utilize the ingredient for its peppery flavor. Give it a try! You can dry the seeds and use them just as you […]

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Raw Vegan Papaya Seed & Coconut Oil Facial

Oct 14, 2014

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