Our First {Vegan} Christmas Together

January 1, 2016

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By: Jasmine Briones 

This year was our first Christmas together, spent here in Los Angeles. Chris moved here a few months back in October, and what an experience it has been having him here. The connection we have made in such a short amount of time is one is something I have never experienced before, we resonate on so many different levels and I am so happy to have him here by my side to help me grow as both a person and a blogger <3 I was nervous for this holiday as I wanted my gifts for him to be perfect, and I think I nailed it…I hope :p I tried to get him a little something for every aspect of his life, and I think that these gifts would also be great for any of you looking to get your loved one a little somethin’ as well 🙂christmas ssv

  • Lululemon Tight Stuff Tights
    Chris and I recently began attending yoga consistently at a local studio, but Chris did not have any cute male leggings (meggings) to rock during class. He had been talking about getting a pair for the longest time, so I decided to surprise him with some, and from the best of the best from Lululemon. He has already worn them a handful of times, and looks so cute in them too 🙂 I suggest sizing up in these are they run very small, and also keep in mind that the company does free tailoring so that the leggings (or any product purchased) fits just right.
  • Ink & Elm Food Photography Backdrop
    -Chris is also a vegan blogger himself at Conscious Chris, but he did not have proper photography equipment at his apartment. He often comes to my house to shoot photos for his page, but I thought it would be more convenient for him to have a reliable set up of his own. He loves the backdrop, and it works great! Here is a shot he took with it 🙂
  • Glass Dharma Glass Straws + Straw Cleaner | Discount code: “sweetsimplevegan”
    -When we make smoothies at Chris’ place, we never have straws to drink out of, and he has been wanting to get some of these ever since he used mine at home. These are reusable straws that come in various lengths, diameters, shapes (some are curved) and colors! They are eco-friendly and have a lifetime guarantee, so if they ever break, Glass Dharma has got you covered. I actually used this guarantee once before when I wasn’t very careful with my straw and it was simple and convenient.
  • Teff Love Vegan Ethiopian Cookbook
    -Another great addition to Chris’ vegan cookbook collection. One of our favorite restaurants here in LA is Rahel’s Vegan Ethiopian, so why not try making it at home? It is going to be an experience, to say the least, but I have confidence in us! Maybe we could even film a video on it? That would be fun to share! I can’t wait to get in the kitchen with Chris and crack this book open!
  • Prehnite and shell from House of Intuition
    -The stone of unconditional love, and the crystal to heal the healer 🙂 This gift meant so much to me, and I know it did to Chris as well. Chris has a collection of crystals and stones in his room, and he also has a few that he carries around with him daily, but when he removed them from his pocket, he would put them on his counter. I decided to get him this beautiful shell holder for them, and paired together they are absolutely beautiful!

Here is what Chris got me for Christmas! Check out all of the details and his summary video on his blogpost <3

Healthy Vegan Holiday Menu For Two {Gluten & Oil-Free} + What I Ate In A Day On Christmas

Along with all of these gift, Chris and I put together a Healthy Vegan Holiday Menu For Two {Gluten & Oil-Free} for our first Christmas together 🙂

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  1. Roselie says:

    These are such thoughtful and gorgeous gifts! You really pay attention to his needs and wants and these gifts seem perfect for him! You are a very loving couple and lucky to be together! 😀 Off now to his blog to see what he gave you 🙂

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