Fresh Dates Unboxing & Taste Test: 5 Varieties!

December 22, 2015

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By: Jasmine Briones 

Every Fall, the Bautista Family Date Farm in California restocks their much anticipated seven varieties of dates on their website,, and those who frequent their products, especially those part of the vegan/raw vegan community, rejoice! Or at least I do :p

This year, my first ordered (this will definitely not be my last) was a “Royal Treatment” date sampler and a large box of medjool dates. All of their dates are fresh, organic, and local to my area.

I thought that it would be fun for me to film an unboxing/taste test to share, as not many people realize that there are varieties of dates outside of just medjool, my boyfriend being one! I invited him along to taste test these with me, and we decided our favorites were Khadrawy and Medjool.

Date Varieties

Medjool: large and luscious “King of Dates” as theirs alone to savor and to gift to VIP guests. Though Medjools are best known for their impressive size, a maple syrup-like depth of flavor and succulent texture ensures that the Medjool’s spot in the popular crowd is well deserved.

Khadrawy: pure melt-in-your-mouth sugar: super sweet and very soft. This is the gooeyest variety.

Halaway: small stature belies its mighty caramel flavor and melting softness. These sultry blondes taste like butter-rich caramel.

Deglet Noor:lovely translucence, nutty flavor, lightly chewy texture, and subtler sweetness combine for a date that is especially pleasing to refined tastebuds.

Zahidi: peanut buttery nutty flavor, subtler sweetness, and enjoyably chewy bite, that lends it to a range of savory or sweet applications as well as eating out of hand.

Descriptions via 7 Hot Dates.

Have any of you ever tried any other date varieties? If so, which is your favorite?

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  1. jeng says:

    Interesting. This video made me want to buy this to try different dates varieties. I usually buy the best Medjool dates in California @ and I will check if they also have this kind of package.

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